Interview Training

Fundamentals of Effective Interviewing (Omni 01)

This course is intended to support HR professionals, recruiters and recruiting managers by outlining the fundamental aspects of designing, conducting and evaluating interviews to support recruitment decisions.

During the training e-learning, you will cover five keys aspects of an effective interview:

The Importance of an effective Candidate Experience
- The business implications of a bad hire
- Ensuring an excellent candidate experience

Conducting the Interview
- Preparing for the interview
- Introductions
- Effective questioning (including probing & follow-up questions)
- Closing the interview
- Recording evidence

- Evaluating the evidence objectively to support the hiring decision
- Post interview administration/processes
- Feedback to candidates

Preparing for an Interview
- Understanding different types of bias that can occur in an interview and how to mitigate against them
- Identifying the criteria that you need to assess
- Question styles to consider (e.g. biographical, competency based, motivational, potential)
- Structuring the interview

Legal Considerations
- Fairness, bias & discrimination
  • Effective Competency Based Interviewing Skills - Course Overview
  • Section 1
  • Section 1 - The Importance of Effective Assessment
  • End of Section 1 Quiz
  • Section 2
  • Section Two - Creating an Effective Competency Based Interview
  • End of Section 2 Quiz
  • Section 3
  • Section 3 - Conducting an Effective Competency Based Interview
  • End of Section 3 Quiz
  • Course Evaluation
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed